Webinars on Russian language: an excellent way to make sense of difficult grammar topics

The team at the Russian language school Russificate tries keep up with the times, and therefore offers not only “classic” online lessons for those seeking a general course in Russian, but also a great deal of specialized courses and courses customized to suit individual needs.

Recently, the Russificate team has come up with a new and interesting way for our students to study – namely, Russian language webinars. So, what are webinars and how do they work?

The webinars consist of group lessons devoted a particular lexical or grammatical theme – for example, verbs of motion and position, perfective and imperfective aspect, participles, preparation for the TORFL/TRKI exam, and others.

Each webinar is a group lesson lasting 60-90 minutes and is conducted using the video conferencing platform Zoom. First the instructor explains the topic with the help of a color presentation that has been prepared in advance and can later be downloaded by the students. After the presentation, the students are given time to practice the material with exercises provided by the instructor. Students can talk among themselves in the chat as well as receive answers to any questions they may have from the instructor. Finally, at the end of the lesson, the instructor will recommend additional materials that the students can use for further practice of the same topic.

The webinars are conducted by teachers at the Russificate school who are all professionals with many years of experience with students from various countries.

Our webinars are intended for students who want the help of highly qualified specialists in mastering the more difficult lexical and grammatical aspects of the Russian language.

Students may also suggest topics for future webinars.

In addition, you may be pleasantly surprised by the price – they cost significantly less than traditional lessons!

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