Learn the Russian Alphabet the Easy Way

It’s not a secret that learning a language with the alphabet different from the one you are used to is quite a challenge. This definitely applies to the Russian alphabet for English speakers.

If you want to learn Russian but still struggle to memorize the alphabet, we have good news for you: our network of free websites to learn Russian now has a website entirely dedicated to the Russian alphabet and pronunciation!

Besides the alphabet itself, there you can find a lot of useful tools that are designed to help you memorize the alphabet better:

  • The learning order starts from the letters that are already familiar to you moving on to the letters that are completely new (you can learn more about the approach on the main page of the site);
  • Every letter is represented in its printed, cursive and hand-written versions;
  • For every letter we give 2 audios: one as the letter sounds in the alphabet and the second one as the letter sounds in words;
  • You can practice with syllables and words: on every step, the examples include only the letters that you already learned so you reinforce the knowledge you are getting;
  • Pronunciation tips are given on every step of the learning curve;
  • You can download free worksheets to practice hand-written Russian.

And this is not all yet! We have also added for you:

We hope you will enjoy learning the Russian alphabet with our new site. If you have suggestions or ideas on how we can make the site better, don’t hesitate to drop us a message!

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